Andreina Fuentes Angarita is a Venezuelan-American creative mindset consultant , Art collector, artist and writer (born April 5th 1968) based in Miami, Florida. Her practice integrates creativity, finance, law and motivation. She currently works developing creative, financial and legal strategies for her clients. Focusing in mindset structures through creativity.

Founder and Director of Creative Mindset Practice , creator and founder of Hardcore Art Contemporary Space (2003-2013), Arts Connection Foundation ( 2006-Present), The Inclusive Way (2016-Present) and The Chill Concept Pop up Museum ( 2013-present). Due to Andreina’s Fuentes Angarita professional background in Business and Museum Science Studies she had been involved in several ways of contemporary art practices including new media and technology.

As a gallerist and a museum specialist she had participated since 2004 in over 90 international art fairs as: Art Miami, Arte Americas Miami, Scope (New York, Miami and Basel), Context Miami, Bridge London, Pinta Art Fair ( New York, London and Miami) , Art Shanghai, LINK Hong Kong, Platform LA, Art Wynwood, FIA Caracas, BARCU, among many others.

Curator since 1999, Nina has managed for more than 80 exhibits including the creation of the methodology for The Chill Concept pop up Museum. Fuentes’s focus for curating contemporary art is based on creating exhibits as a platform for social activism and education in human rights, citizenship, environmental issues, creative thinking and community engagement.She start collecting Contemporary Art in 1996. Fuentes Angarita Collection have more than a 1.500 works of conceptual art in four categories, paintings, video, installations and photography with a political and gender profile. Currently she is a member of the US chapter of International Council of Museums (ICOM), the American Alliance of Museums (AAM) and American for the Arts.

Andreina Fuentes Day was proclaim February 16 (2015) by the Board of the Miami-Dade County by Mayor de Miami-Dade County Carlos A. Gimenez , Chairman Jean Monestime and the members of the board of county commissioners, for her innovation and creativity as “ambassador of the arts” in the county.

Another interesting aspect of Fuente’s career is her foray as a writer. In this regard, her most recent work explores the historical imaginary of her family based on her curiosity about her family’s photo albums. She discovers clues about her identity as a Jew and, in 2019, decides to publish The Last Jewish Womb with the Verbum Spain publishing house.Andreina Fuentes Angarita has combined her experience as a writer, venturing into the publishing world with the digital magazine The Wynwood Times as founder and editor from 2014 to the present.